5 Of The Coolest Treehouses In Montana and Idaho

Take in the stunning natural beauty of Montana and Idaho from above with a stay in one of these super cool treehouses!

Montana and Idaho are beautiful. We visited both states for the first time in September 2020 on our first-ever cross-country road trip! I'd been dying to see Montana. I feel like it's one of those slightly underrated states. And by slightly underrated, I mean that a lot of people seem to know how beautiful it is, but it's a bit difficult to reach. It's pretty remote in the grand scheme of the United States; we know personally how long it takes to drive there, and it's not the most practical or cheapest place to fly to.

But regardless, it's so worth visiting. We most loved the northwestern region, where Glacier National Park is located, and where the cute little towns of Kalispell and Whitefish are there to explore. And although it's a bit of a drive from Glacier, the very northern part of Idaho is just as worth seeing. We stayed in a yurt, actually, near Sandpoint, Idaho, which was another quaint little town!

With its low population density and vast forests, this region of the United States is really special, and it's one of those places you can just tell is perfect year-round. One of those states where each of the four seasons gets its chance to shine! To fully appreciate the natural beauty of these two northern states, try staying in one of these super cool treehouses located across northwestern Montana and northern Idaho - what better way to feel truly in touch with nature?

1. Clearview Treehouse Cocoon

Essex, Montana

If you're up for an intimate adventure close to Glacier National Park, these treehouse cocoons might be perfect for you! They sleep two people and offer minimal amenities - but the incredible view of the trees and stars certainly makes up for it. There is an outlet to charge your phone in each cocoon, but you'll need to visit a shared bathhouse to use the bathroom. And if you plan on visiting Glacier National Park, you'll be just a 15-minute drive away - can't beat that! Check it out here.

Photo credit: Airbnb.com

2. Raven's Nest Treehouse

Columbia Falls, Montana

These next two treehouses, which are both parts of the Montana Treehouse Retreat are definite splurges, but boy do they look amazing. They're big enough for family vacations, but also perfect for a honeymoon or smaller trip, too! Raven's Nest is a modern-looking A-frame style with two decks and luxury amenities like a soaking tub (my dream!) and a reading nook area complete with a living tree growing through it. It has an excellent location about 30 minutes to Glacier National Park and is only a few minutes from the quaint town of Whitefish. Check it out here.

Photo credit: Airbnb.com

3. Meadowlark Treehouse

Columbia Falls, Montana

The Meadowlark Treehouse is a luxury cabin/treehouse dream come true. It's a stunning two-story treehouse in a classic log cabin style, and while it is big, it only sleeps four people (there's only one master bedroom). So if you have a smaller family or you're looking for a private couple's escape - this might be the luxury option you've always dreamed of! The master bedroom on the second story actually has a private balcony - perfect for sipping coffee early in the morning! Oh, and did I mention there's a spiral staircase?

Photo credit: Airbnb.com

4. Treehouses at Snow Bear Chalets

Whitefish, Montana

The treehouses at Snow Bear Chalets are gorgeous ski-in ski-out chalets located on one of the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort's slopes. There are three treehouses altogether (rent just one or rent all three and make it a big family trip!) and they're so spacious and cozy. They each have a hot tub, which is such a luxury whether you're skiing or not, a gourmet kitchen, and a viewing turret. Yes, a viewing turret! Climb up a ladder into a cozy little loft to take in views of the mountains. Check them out here.

Photo credit: snowbearchalets.com

5. Nostalgic Fire Tower Outlook

Sandpoint, Idaho

While this isn't technically a treehouse, it's close enough, and it's a traveler's dream. It's the perfect place to relax and take in the views of stunning Lake Pend Oreille all while enjoying some classic 60's and 70's vinyls on the record player. And when the sun goes down, you can take out the telescope and check out views of the stars! Oh, and it has a hot tub, too. Unfortunately, it's only available May-October (because of inclement weather, I'm sure), so start planning your summer stay now! Check it out here.

Photo credit: Airbnb.com

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