8 Sustainable Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers have always been my favorite part of Christmas! This list of ideas will be a hit with anybody who loves a little pampering!

Stockings have always been my absolute favorite part of Christmas. I'm spoiled though because my mom is the Queen of Stocking Stuffers. She does the best job finding cute little things (many of which are beauty products!) that she knows my sisters and I will not only love but also use!

Stocking stuffers just for the sake of stocking stuffers are not only lame but wasteful and pointless! So if you need a little inspiration, this list of 8 sustainable beauty stocking stuffers are sure to be a hit with anybody who loves (or could use!) a little pampering.

1. Coffee + Peppermint Exfoliating Body Scrub $20

I love, love, love this scrub as a holiday stocking stuffer because the peppermint makes it feel especially festive!

2. Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm $18

One of the most frustrating parts of wintertime is the dry skin that comes with it - and your lips are no exception! This lip balm will moisturize, refresh, and soften dry, chapped lips.

Photo credit: upcirclebeauty.com and biossance.com

3. Clean Reserve Eau de Parfum Spray "Rain" $28

A sample size of a new fragrance is an awesome stocking stuffer! Bonus points if it's made sustainably and with clean ingredients, like this one!

4. Frank Body Shimmer Scrub $11.95

Who doesn't love a little shimmer?! This Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is a super fun body scrub that exfoliates, moisturizes, and shines with environmentally-friendly sparkles (plus it smells like a caramel latte)!

Photo credit: cleanbeauty.com and frankbody.com

5. Milk Foam Calming Bubble Mask $13

This bubble mask from Beekman 1802 sounds so luxurious. The foam gently bubbles over skin leaving it calm, silky, and moisturized!

6. Mario Badescu Facial Spray $7

This facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater is a lovely way to refresh dull and dry skin throughout the day!

Photo Credit: beekman1802.com and mariobadescu.com

7. Watermelon Seed Body Butter $12

I love the term body butter, don't you?! It just sounds so luscious and cozy. This Watermelon Seed Body Butter from Pacifica is perfect for those blustery winter days where you're dreaming of being transported somewhere warm and sunny!

8. Volcano Foot Mask $13.95

Treat someone (or yourself) to a rejuvenating foot mask to add to their at-home pedi routine! This one from Lush leaves feet soft and replenished.

Photo credit: pacificabeauty.com and lushusa.com