Our Relaxing Stay At a Nordic Loft in Boise, Idaho

The North End Nordic Loft in Boise, Idaho was one of the most relaxing stays we've ever experienced. Check it out next time you're in Boise!

Ryan and I have stayed in our fair share of Airbnbs, and most of them have been good. Not bad, but nothing memorable, you know? But our stay at the North End Nordic Loft in Boise felt so different. As soon as we walked in we felt instantly at ease. It was such a bright, soothing, spacious, and unbelievably comfortable space.

I'll admit that I typically prefer hotels to Airbnbs because too many Airbnbs feel like other people's homes. I love the simplicity and modernity of hotels - the plain bedding and basic furniture. But the Nordic Loft felt like a homey hotel, with an insanely modern kitchen and cute decor. So if you ever find yourself in Boise, Idaho, (which I hope you do sometime because it's such a cute city!) check out the North End Nordic Loft as a place to stay!

The Location

The first thing that drew me to this Airbnb was the fact that it's a private loft, which is built above a garage located behind the main house. The main house is rented out by the host long-term, so it didn't feel like we were being checked up on or spied on. There's actually no in-person interaction with the host, which I always prefer. (He seemed out like a super nice guy, it just goes back to the whole preferring-hotels-thing).

It's a small space, but it's arranged so perfectly that it doesn't feel small at all. (As long as you're two people, that is). It has everything you could need - a really comfy bed, a couch, a dining table, a kitchen with lots of counter space, and a pretty spacious bathroom). Overall, we loved how much this loft felt like our own little home for a few days.

And the neighborhood was lovely! We were surprised by the quaint tree-lined streets of Boise. The loft is a short walk away from Hyde Park Village - which offers wonderful bites to eat and coffee! We even ended up walking to downtown Boise from the loft as well. It was a longer walk, but certainly doable if you're up for it!

The Kitchen

If you like to cook, you will just adore this Airbnb. All of the appliances are top-notch and modern, and the kitchen is stocked with everything you could need to make meals (not only cookware, but spices, olive oil, and even a few condiments as well)! I loved all of the counter space and I geeked out over the super techy appliances. We had so much fun cooking dinners here.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was so, so nice. It felt amazing to have this bathroom (to be more specific, the bathtub!) after weeks of camping. The bathtub was such a welcome sight to see. There were even some Himalayan bath salts I took advantage of! If you can't tell, I was obsessed with this bathtub. There were lots of towels and even some basic medical supplies in the bathroom - it seemed to be well-stocked with everything we might need or want.

The Bedroom

To clarify before I get too deep here, this loft is just one big open space; there aren't actually separate rooms like I may be indicating with these titles, they're more like separate areas. As far as the bedroom area goes, the bed was so, so comfy. Like, so comfy. And this might sound silly, but having a nightstand on either side of the bed, each complete with outlets and lights felt like such a luxury.

I also loved that the TV mounted next to the bed was adjustable. We could arrange it to face practically anywhere in the loft, whether we were on the couch, making dinner, or lying in bed!

Overall Thoughts

Overall, we just felt so comfortable and at home here. The white walls, white floor, high ceilings, and tons of windows filled the space with natural light and made it feel so big! We did have one minor issue with the keylock upon checking in, but it was resolved almost immediately after contacting our host, which was such a relief. He was amazing with quick and helpful responses!

As soon as we stepped through the door we felt at home. It didn't feel weird, or like somebody had just lived here. It was ultra-clean, too. We were really sad to leave! But I'm glad to know the North End Nordic Loft will be there for us if we're ever in Boise again! And I'm super glad to be able to share it with you, too!

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