Last Minute Gift Ideas For Eco-Friendly Travelers

If you're shopping for an eco-friendly traveler and have no idea where to start, this list is full of practical, fun, and unique gifts!

Waited a little too long to start shopping for the eco-friendly traveler on your list? No worries! This list is full of last-minute gift ideas – many of which you can purchase straight from Amazon.

Ethique Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

A shampoo or conditioner bar is the perfect stocking stuffer for the earth-friendly traveler! All of Ethique’s products are plastic-free and made with natural ingredients, making it a great alternative to traditional hair products.

Bamboo Tumbler

Quite possibly the most versatile beverage container I’ve ever seen, this bamboo tumbler acts as a water bottle, tea infuser, coffee container, fruit-water infuser and MORE. If you know somebody who loves loose-leaf tea or is in need of a reliable reusable water bottle, THIS is the gift for them. Plus, are you as in love with the sleek bamboo exterior of this container as I am?!

Mama Kuleana Sunscreen

Know somebody traveling somewhere warm and sunny in the near future? Then this sunscreen is the absolute perfect gift! Unlike most popular sunscreen brands, Mama Kuleana doesn’t contain any ingredients that are harmful to reefs. And the container is completely biodegradable!

MIRA Water Bottle

You might be thinking that water bottles are a lame gift. And maybe they are. But I received a MIRA water bottle as a Christmas gift a few years ago and I absolutely LOVE it. The blue granite pattern is so pretty and it does an incredible job of keeping things both hot and cold.

Proof Sunglasses

Who wouldn’t love a pair of sunglasses? Especially if those sunglasses are made with sustainable materials – including repurposed skateboard decks! Plus, you’ve gotta love a company that gives back. Proof uses a portion of their profits to support “Do Good” projects all around the world, like setting up health clinics in underprivileged countries. If you think a fresh pair of sunnies is the perfect gift, use this link to get $20 off your order of $50 or more!

Sprout Pencils

Turn a cute journal into a really cute gift set by including a pack of these sprout pencils! They work just like regular pencils, except they each contain a seed capsule that can be planted to eventually sprout into herbs or flowers!

Bamboo Cutlery Set

This is a great gift for ANYBODY, not just eco-friendly travelers. This bamboo cutlery set contains a bamboo fork, knife, spoon, straw, and straw cleaner. The lightweight roll-up case makes transporting this utensil set a breeeeeze. It’s ultra-convenient to have a set like this on the go, and your gift recipient can rest assured knowing they’re resisting single-use plastics!

Solar Powered Charger

A solar powered charger is a godsend if you’re planning on going off the grid. Plus, how cool is it to be able to harness the power of the sun? This one is pretty big, but it folds up to have roughly the same dimensions as a magazine. It’s got three USB ports and is waterproof! What more can you ask for?


This hammock by Coalatree is made with recycled materials, and produced in green facilities without the use of any harsh chemicals! Hammocks are perfect for adventurers or people who want to just relax. And it’s extremely lightweight (less than 1 pound) so it’s basically made for traveling.


Please note that some of the links on this site are affiliate links. 

I use affiliate links to promote products that I personally use and that I believe will help you in your travels too! And, the cool thing about affiliate links is that I receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase through them (at no extra cost to you) which is a win-win!

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