Eat & Drink Around The World in Epcot: Vegetarian Edition

This guide will show you exactly how to eat and drink your way around Epcot's World Showcase as a vegetarian no matter what time of year!

Epcot has to be my favorite park in Walt Disney World. I mean, it’s hard to choose a favorite because they’re all so unique and wonderful in their own ways, but Epcot’s World Showcase will always have a special place in my heart. I love the idea of being able to “travel” within Disney World – it’s the ultimate combination of two of my favorite things!

Food and drink are big parts of Epcot’s World Showcase. So much so that they host the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival every year in the fall! But you don’t need to wait until then to eat and drink your way around the world in Epcot. This guide will show you exactly how to do that (and as a vegetarian, too!).

Considering there are eleven countries in Epcot, you won’t want to get a full meal in each one. Grabbing one sweet or savory snack and a drink in each country’s pavilion will keep you satisfied as you explore the World Showcase all day long! Also, you can easily split the food (and drinks for that matter, too) with another person.

Other than a few cocktails I recommend you try throughout the Showcase, you should stick to either wine or beer for the rest of your drinks in each country. You don’t want to be mixing too many different types of alcohol so decide whether you’ll sample beer or wine before you begin. And without further ado, here is the guide to eating and drinking around Epcot’s World Showcase as a vegetarian!


  1. Eat: Maple Popcorn $6.25

  2. Drink: Ottawa Apple $13

What’s more Canadian than maple? Get a Canadian-style sweet fix with a bucket of maple popcorn and an Ottawa Apple cocktail. For these sweet treats you’ll head to a small popcorn stand on the border of Future World and the Canada pavilion. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge maple fan, but I still enjoyed this popcorn. It’s kind of like Cracker Jacks, but a lot less intense. As far as the Ottawa Apple, it was certainly tasty, but definitely on the sweeter side. It’s a blend of Crown Royal Maple Whisky, Apple Infusion, and Cranberry Juice. If you’d prefer, try out a Moosehead or La Fin Du Monde draft beer!

United Kingdom

  1. Eat: Vegan Fish and Chips (price unknown)

  2. Drink: Boddington’s Beer $10 or Glass of Wine $13

Head into Rose & Crown pub in the U.K. pavilion for a super authentic British meal vegetarian-style. Here you’ll get a vegan fish and chips and a pint of ale or a glass of wine. You’ll have absolutely no problem choosing from their beer selection, but seeing as Britain isn’t known for wine, your choices will be limited to wines from other countries. Make sure you ask for the vegan fish and chips because at least when we visited in December 2019 it wasn’t listed on the menu. This isn’t a huge restaurant-sized portion but it’s still substantial and filling!


  1. Eat: Macarons Collection $10.33

  2. Drink: Kronenbourg Beer $6.57 or Chardonnay $5.87

When in France you’ve got to get a macaron, right?! Wedged all the way in the very back of the France pavilion is Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie where you can grab a variety of pastries, wines and even beer in a quick-service style. Feel free to grab any pastry that strikes your fancy, but the Macaron Collection of six different flavors worked perfectly for our group of six. And as for your drink, try the Kronenbourg Beer or glass of Chardonnay!


  1. Eat: Tabbouleh $5.99

  2. Drink: Casa Beer or Moroccan Wine (price unknown)

I think Morocco is my favorite Epcot pavilion to explore, and it’s so unfortunate to see so many people walk right past it! But before you head back into those enchanting shops filled with intricate lights, garments, and Moroccan pharmaceuticals, stop into the Tangierine Cafe to pick up some fresh tabbouleh and a Moroccan beer or wine. After you’ve got your beverage and you’ve had a couple bites of that fresh herby salad, spend a while exploring the entirety of the Morocco pavilion – I guarantee you’ll really feel like you’re in a traditional Moroccan market!


  1. Eat: Edamame $4.00

  2. Drink: Sake $6.50

Like Morocco, Japan is another pavilion that’s really interesting to explore and shop around. There are tons of pop-culture toys and products as well as more traditional Japanese goods to peruse through, but even if you’re not a shopper there’s lots to explore! I’ve been to Epcot dozens of times, but this was the first time I ever walked up to Katsura Grill and walked around the gardens up there! This is where you’ll grab some edamame (or opt for a vegetable roll if you’re a little hungrier) and some sake. After you’ve got your food and drink, enjoy the peace and quiet strolling through the gardens and taking in great views of Epcot, too!


  1. Eat: Mickey Pretzel $7.25

  2. Drink: Frozen Red Stag Lemonade $14

America’s a tough one to crack for vegetarians, but with the opening of Regal Eagle Smokehouse (which should be soon!) that won’t be the case for much longer. Sure it’s a barbecue joint, but they are supposed to be offering up a plant-based entree that looks delicious! Until then though you can visit a little quick service stand called Fife & Drum to pick up a Mickey pretzel and a Frozen Red Stag Lemonade, which is basically an alcoholic frozen lemonade that is really good.


  1. Eat: Cannoli $4

  2. Drink: Moretti Lager $11 or Via Napoli Sangria $13

If you walk all the way to the very back of the Italy pavilion, you’ll find Pizza al Taglio next to Via Napoli. Here you can grab a pizza slice to go with a Moretti Lager, but if you’d prefer to take the wine and dessert route, Italy’s got that too! You can pick up a glass of white or red Via Napoli Sangria and then head into Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar for a cannoli (or any other delicious dessert that looks good to you)!


  1. Eat: Potato Salad $3.99

  2. Drink: Shöfferhofer Hefeweizen $9.50 or Selbach-Oster Riesling $12

The Germany pavilion has such a fun atmosphere between the traditional music and the variety of shops to walk through! There’s a great quick service stand called Sommerfest located right next to the Biergarten restaurant where you can grab a snack and a drink to go. The cold potato salad served with eggs was definitely a little small portion-wise but it was tasty (and by this point you’ll likely be feeling pretty full anyway). Wash it all down with a Hefeweizen or a Riesling!


  1. Eat: Vegetarian Stir Fry $10.95

  2. Drink: Tsing Tao Beer $7.75 or Plum Wine $5.50

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little bit disappointed by this meal. We tried the vegetarian stir fry from Lotus Blossom Cafe and were disappointed to find that it hardly had any flavor. However I really enjoyed the plum wine! If you’re drinking beer, Lotus Blossom offers either Tsing Tao or Foo beer. I’m not aware of any other vegetarian options in the China pavilion other than at a sit-down restaurant, but between all of the food festivals Epcot hosts throughout the year, you might find something a little more satisfying than the stir fry!


  1. Eat: Norwegian Kringla $6.29

  2. Drink: Nordic Draft Beer $10.00

Inside Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe you’ll find a lovely variety of Norwegian pastries and sweet treats! The kringla is a pretzel-shaped pastry which comes topped with different toppings like almonds, cinnamon, or chocolate. I’ll tell you from experience that the almond kringla did not disappoint. In the bakery you can pick up a Nordic draft beer (there are a few to choose from) or try a Viking Coffee for a little pick-me-up if you’re needing one!


  1. Eat: Esquites $4.50

  2. Drink: Classic Lime Margarita $10.75

There’s a cute little stand called Choza de Margarita off to the side of the pyramid in the Mexico pavilion where you can grab a number of margaritas and small bites! You can get your margaritas frozen or on the rocks in a variety of flavors, but choosing on the rocks will set you back about $4 extra dollars. As for a bite to eat I would try the Esquites, which is like Mexican street corn served in a bowl, but steer clear if you can’t tolerate spice because this is a spicy dish! Try the guacamole if you’re sensitive to spice or if you can’t pass up a good guacamole!

I hope this guide will help you navigate your adventures in eating and drinking “around the world” at Epcot’s World Showcase! Epcot is always coming out with new and seasonal goodies (both food and drink) so if you come across any other great vegetarian options in your travels let me know down in the comments!


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