Coral Gardeners: Adopt Your Own Coral

Coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate, but you can help conserve them by adopting your very own coral with Coral Gardeners!

You guys. Coral Gardeners is quite possibly the cutest thing of all time. Through this organization, you can literally adopt a coral. Your very own coral! But before I tell you all of the adorable details of coral adoption, let me explain the importance of the work Coral Gardeners is doing.

Coral Reefs Are Dying

It’s a sad truth, but coral reefs are dying. And humans are to blame. Like, when will we stop being so selfish? I’ve had it up to HERE with human beings, but I’ll spare you all that rant for now. Between climate change, pollution, and even tourism, 20% of coral reefs around the world are dead. And while the rest aren’t dead yet, they’re seriously threatened. And yes, you guys, corals are living beings.

But……who cares, right?

No! Not right! We MUST care. Coral reefs are a vital component to the functioning of not only the oceans but planet Earth as a whole. They’re really pretty and romantic and make for a great screensaver, but they serve a purpose too.

Coral reefs essentially give us oxygen to breathe by transforming the mass amounts of CO2 they absorb. They also act as barriers to the coastlines they border by protecting against storms and erosion. And they are homes to TONS of sea creatures! 25% of all marine species live in coral reefs. And considering how vast and diverse our oceans are, that number is pretty significant.

And sure, while there are definitely some poorly-managed tourist operations that contribute to the depletion of coral reefs, the reefs do provide thousands of people with jobs. And because of their important place within the ecosystem, a thriving coral reef ensures the food security of societies who depend on the ocean for their food!

What Coral Gardeners Does

So, we’ve all agreed to care about coral reefs, right? Cool, good. Coral Gardeners is based on the island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia – smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Their goal is to help restore the reefs surrounding Mo’orea by transplanting healthy coral fragments to the reef, encouraging new growth and the return of marine life! They also devote a significant amount of their time and resources to educating the local community on the importance of reefs.

Adopt Your Own Coral

The part you’ve all been waiting for! Adopting your very own coral. I just love, love, love this idea. Essentially, by allowing you the opportunity to adopt a coral, it gives Coral Gardeners the funding it needs to do the work they do! And, it’s only 25 Euros, which is so worth it.

Name Your Coral

So you head on over to Coral Gardeners website and start the adoption process. (Lol, sorry not sorry for going a little overboard on this whole adoption thing). You can adopt up to four corals at a time and choose if you’d like your adoption certificate to be in French or English. Then, you get to name it! Guys, the example they give on their website is a coral named Moana! Which is one of my favorite Disney movies. I can’t handle the cuteness.

You Also Get A Photo And It’s Exact Location

So you’ve got a name for your coral. But what really makes Coral Gardeners amazing is the fact that your adoption certificate will also come with a photo of your coral AND its exact GPS coordinates. They really takes the time to make sure they personalize the whole experience and make you feel as close to the process as possible!

How cute is this certificate?! It took me about a thousand years to come up with a name, but Chiquitita is one my favorite ABBA songs and “Chiquitita The Coral” just has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

And while coral adoption is such a cute concept that I am clearly obsessed with, the real satisfaction comes from knowing what a good thing you’re doing! Together we can work toward rebuilding healthy and thriving coral reefs around the world.

So now that you’ve got your certificate and you know the exact location of your coral, you’ve got to go and visit it! 😉

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