6 Ways To Semi-Enjoy Coming Back From Vacation

Nothing can replace the indescribable joy of traveling, but taking simple steps to ensure your return home is smooth will make all the difference!

Coming back from vacation is quite possibly the worst feeling in the entire world. And for the majority of us who don’t travel full-time, the harsh reality is that we have to come back eventually! So let’s talk about some really simple ways to make coming back from vacation just a little bit more pleasant.

1. Clean your house

Hear me out. You have to find time to clean your house before you leave. You will feel so much worse about being back home if you open your front door and come home to a messy, disorganized house. But you’ll feel so much better if you can at least come home and relax and unpack in a clean space.

2. Buy separate travel toiletries

Instead of bringing the same toothbrush and face scrub you use at home with you on your travels, get separate toiletries. (Make sure to reference my post on packing an eco-friendly toiletry bag before you purchase anything!) This way, when you come home you’ll be able to freshen up and get back into your regular routine without having to immediately dig through your bags.

3. Buy something new

Purchase a little something you can look forward to using when you get home! Never underestimate how much joy a little luxury like a candle or a bath bomb can bring. Does it compare to an expensive vacation? Of course not. But it can help you feel less terrible about the end of an amazing vacation. And you know it’s true. Bonus points if you order it online so you also have a package to open up! Who doesn’t love packages?!

4. Order a meal delivery service

This is something I bet you’ve never thought of, but I promise it will make all the difference when you get home. Ordering a delivery of HelloFresh (or any other meal delivery kit) for when you get back home is not only something to look forward to, but it will save you so much time and stress. Nobody wants to come home to an empty fridge. And who wants to head to the grocery store first thing when they get home?! Forget all that and get yourself some HelloFresh.

5. Schedule a spa service

Listen. Traveling is stressful! As amazing and fun and exciting as vacations can be, they are not always relaxing. Between jam-packed days of sightseeing, long layovers, tricky language barriers, etc., sometimes you feel like you need a vacation right after you get back from one! Prepare for this stress ahead of time by scheduling yourself a massage or your favorite spa treatment a day or two after you return home. Make sure to book it in advance so you’re not scrambling at the last minute!

6. Give yourself an extra day

Do not. I repeat. Do not jump right back into work or school after your vacation. You need that extra day to relax, unwind, and possibly even recover from jet lag. If you have to immediately switch back into regular-life mode, there’s a good chance your suitcase will lay open on your floor for weeks and you’ll go far too long without getting everything back in order. Nobody likes that feeling.

Nothing can replace the indescribable joy of traveling, but taking simple steps to ensure your return home is smooth and not miserable will make all the difference! Utilize a few ideas on this list to extend that travel high just a few more days at home.

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